Aviation Training Institute

Aviation course focuses on training on the basics of flying, safety actions, and general protocol needed to be followed during the flight. Students who aspire to become pilots or cabin crew can pursue aviation courses after class 10 or 12.

Aviation Training Institute And aviation courses at the certificate level are the most pursued aviation courses after the 10th. They teach students the basics of aviation such as aircraft maintenance, air ticketing system, air hostess, and hospitality training. Post diploma in aviation after 10th, they can select specialized pilot courses. in aviation management. We One Aviation Academy degrees also include training and flying course. We One Aviation Academy is a three-year undergraduate program that a candidate can pursue after graduating from high school.

Students with Science, Commerce, or art background can pursue Aviation courses. They are required to score the minimum passing percentage in class 10 and class 12 qualifying exams. They also need to be medically fit, which includes perfect eyesight, height, and weight. The top college to pursue Aviation is We One Aviation Academy and Presidency College.

Why We One Aviation Academy?

We One Aviation Academy aim to authorize our students to attain expert and personal success in the lively area of Aviation, Hospitality, and Tourism organizations. Our Academy is affiliated with Steed Council by Govt. of India.

As an institute, it has always been in touch with various industry bodies and thus recognized industry needs in time and respond to them with quick and suitable innovation as well as adaptation in its course curriculum as well as teaching methodologies.

Our at-par teaching method has helped us to prove our excellent by producing expert candidates with Vital Strength, Enthusiasm, and go-getter, who have successfully made an impact in today’s service industry. We have embedded our students with professional and moral principles of social commitment and excellent results.

We One Aviation Academy is one of the best Aviation training institutes in Dwarka, New Delhi. With a unique curriculum, pedagogy, and innovative program it has chartered a unique and high growth path not only in Aviation but also in Hospitality, Travel Management, and Customer Service.

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