Best Cpl Ground Classes

Best Cpl Ground Classes

The subject to clear depends upon the individual’s decision to fly in India or Abroad. If you decide to fly to India then you shall have to clear a written exam and One Written Viva Examination, which are Navigation, Technical, Air Regulation, Meteorology, and Radio Telephonic. If you decide to fly abroad, then you only need to clear Navigation, Air Regulation, Meteorology, and Radio Telephony in the case of CPL. with our accomplished ability & Airline captain, we will ensure that your career takes off.
We One Aviation Academy Will guide you step-by-step to attain your wing.

We One Aviation Academy offers Commercial Pilot’s Licence Ground Classes for those candidates who want to make their career in Aviation as Professional Pilots. Your decision to become a professional pilot may be one of the most important decisions you ever make. Most pilots would agree that once have taken the step to learn to fly, it is a decision they never regret. We provide Ground training to a level of excellence, which will give you every opportunity to fulfill your ambition in your aviation career.

Medical: Class II Medical is to be done by a DGCA-approved medical examiner. The list of DGCA-approved medical examiners.

Course Duration for CPL: 12 months

Ground Training: ( 4 Months)

Air Regulations

Air Navigation

Aviation Meteorology

Technical General (Aircraft and Engines)

Technical Specific

RTR (Radio Telephony Restricted)

Flying Training: 200 Hours of Flying as per DGCA Syllabus.

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