DGCA Ground Classes in Delhi​

We One Aviation, we make Professional Aviators. We are a Flying Training or Dgca ground classes Delhi Organization licensed by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to impart Ground training and Flight Instruction for issue of SPL, PPL, CPL, IR, Multi Engine Rating and ATPL flying licenses. We One Aviation is also accepted for whole Drone Pilot License exercise. Our Centers are spread across New Delhi, Dgca ground classes  Noida and Gurugram (Delhi/NCR) where we have a dedicated air field and base for day and night flight training and multicolor as well as fixed Dgca ground classes  wing drone training. If you want to explore the world of Aviation, you are at the right place.

Mostly Pilot Training Institutes in India are overcrowded due to high request in aviation sector. You can also choose to do your flying training Dgca ground classes  from abroad as it consumes less time there and you can whole the flying training in just 8 months.

Have you always speculated what it’s like to be a Dgca ground classes? Greatest of us, at some opinion in our lives, have fantasized about flying. But being a pilot comes with its fair part of challenges and tasks. From analytical and critical thinking to creation quick and smart decisions, pilots need to have a variety of skills. Luckily, there is multiple aviation schools that can help you acquire, practice and sharpen these skills so you can accomplish your dream of being a pilot and overcome the skies. In this blog, we will travel some of the best hovering school in India and pilot courses obtainable by these institutes.

Best Flying Schools in India

Courses Offered

Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL)

CRM Workshop

Multi-Crew Co-operation (MCC) Course

Multi Engine endorsement

Simulator training as per candidates requirements

Instrument rating

Specifically designed training courses for Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard Pilots

AELP Training and Testing course


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National Flying Training Institute (NFTI)

Helicopter Pilot Training

Aviation Maintenance Training

Cabin Crew

Aircraft Platforms

Courses Offered

Private Pilot Licence

Commercial Pilot Licence 

Instrument Rating

Multi Engine Rating

Simulator Training Or Instrument Procedure Training

For the Student Pilot License (SPL)

  • The minimum age of the candidate must be 16 years.
  • The candidate must have passed Class 10 examination.
  • The candidate must clear all the fitness tests and have a bank guarantee of Rs 10,000.
  • This is followed by an oral test and a Pilot Aptitude Test.

Note: Passing all this will get her or him through the college of their choice.

For the Private Pilot License (PPL)

  • Theminimum age of the candidate must be 17 years.
  • The candidate must have passed Class 12th examination.
  • The candidate must possess a medical fitness test from Air Force Central Medical Establishment (AFCME) or Institute of Aviation Medicine (IAM).

For the Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

  • The minimum age of the candidate must be between 18 and 30 years.
  • The candidate must have studied Physics and Maths in their Class 12th.

Note: The newly revised laws by the Government of India has stated that the CPL is to be granted only with prior three years of experience with PPL.

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