Helicopter Lessons Cost


How much does helicopter flight school cost?

This is highly dependent on the individual student and the pace at which you choose to complete the program. Flying more frequently improves retention, which in turn improves your ability to complete the program with fewer flight hours. Some people are able to understand and retain the material more quickly than others. These factors are able to all have an effect on the total cost of the program.

The Helicopter Professional Pilot Program includes private, instrument, commercial, and flight instructor courses. And we recommend obtaining the additional instructor rating as well. The current pricing for this program based on averages can be found here.

These estimates are based on average program pricing for journey teaching, ground teaching, airplane rentals, simulator rental, and written test. The only item not built-in in this approximation is the fee you pay to the Designated Pilot auditor when you take your check ride because those costs be paid directly to that person and not to Hillsboro.

Our admission team will be happy to discuss costs specific to your situation. We love to see students go after their dreams of becoming pilots, so we do our best to provide financial guidance where we can.

We One Aviation Academy, the leading airline in India, has chosen imminent Aviation to select and teach ab-initio pilots for their Cadet Pilot Programme to fulfill their rising insistence for pilots to cater to their huge fleet growth. We One Aviation Academy, in conjunction with its international and local partners, offers a comprehensive DGCA-compliant pilot preparation program that is designed to offer maximum efficiency at the lowest cost. We One Aviation Academy have teamed up with South Africa’s premier Flight Training Organization, 43 Air School, to deliver a bespoke and robust flight preparation program focused on operational capability, effective and adaptable procedures, applied operational knowledge, and sure command skills to add to their rising pool of specialist and able pilots.

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