Pilot Training Course

The integrated Pilot Training Course at We One Aviation Academy take just two years to complete and as a newly-qualified pilot, you will have all the certificate and ratings you need to start a career with an airline. The programmers require motivation and devotion, and you are challenged on both your efforts and attitude from the first day of school to prepare you for a career as a pilot.

On the very first day of the education program, you will receive a uniform and an iPad which contains the complete syllabus. The program starts off with eight months of theoretical training. Thereafter, you will have about 230 flight and simulator hours before you must pass a skill test conducted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Once passed, you will receive the following European pilot certifications: DGCA ATPL (A) with CPL (A), IR/ME, MEP, APS MCC, LPA, PBN, and Advanced UPRT. You are then able to operate as a co-pilot on multi-pilot, multi-engine airplanes in commercial air transport and are ready to start your career as an expert pilot!

A Course in We One Aviation Academy is for those candidates seeking a career in aviation. The course is divided into two parts: ground training and flight training. People who are successfully licensed through training may go on to pursue employment with an airline or seek a higher diploma in Aviation Science.

A person interested in becoming a pilot may want to know, what is a Course in Pilot Training? This field of study is taught all over the world to goals set by international standards. The course itself may take several months to complete. Ground School covers modern aviation theory. Students familiarize themselves with different types of aircraft and multi-engine flight techniques. After Ground School, candidates for license attend Flight School, wherein they participate hands-on in the science and practice of flight. Students come to understand Standard Operating events and airline philosophy.

The benefits of the course include in-depth information on contemporary aviation, a Frozen ATLP License (for theory), a CPL License with IR, SE, and ME ratings, and the qualifications to move on to a more advanced degree in Aviation Science. The courses allow a new pilot entry into the aviation industry.

Pilot Training Courses are obtainable all over the world. Fees vary from school to school. It is best to contact an admission office directly for accurate information regarding the costs of taking the course.

Aviation continues to be a rising industry. Numerals of careers are open to licensed pilots. A course may be a giant step toward service with a large commercial airline. Sizable and Winning Corporations often employ pilots to fly their planes for business trips. Charter plane services need pilots to fly private citizens to island resorts and beyond. Remote mail service and delivery is another opportunity for a licensed pilot.

Find your course today and take to the skies. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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