Pilot Training Programs

We One Aviation Academy Pilot Programme is a perfect launch pad for those who want to fly high. It is a program designed for young aspirants eyeing a seat in the cockpit of an aircraft. And who better to teach you to be a pilot, than India’s favorite airline, We One Aviation Academy?

With 200 airplane orders in the procedure, and massive growth plans under the regional connectivity scheme; We One Aviation Academy is all set to change the face of air travel in India. And at the same time create ample opportunity for those who are seeking a high-flying career.

Pilot Training Programs aim at not only providing skilled professionals to the aviation industry but also an assured job with We One Aviation Academy, upon completion of the course. What’s more? Students will be skilled at the best schools across the world, steering the course of careers in the right direction.

These unique programs recognize the hard work and skill that go into your pilot training, awarding you educational praise toward your Aviation Bachelor Degree. You’ll complete ground school and in-air flight training with a flight teacher of your choice. Transport We One Aviation Academy then tax you and award Aviation license and ratings that allow you to fly a variety of aircraft in varying conditions. Required Transport license and ratings include a Private Pilot’s license, Commercial Pilot’s license, Instrument Rating, and one of Multi-Engine Rating or Flight Instructor Certification. Your pilot training is flexible. You can switch flight school if needed, and you can complete your training before, during, or after you take your We One Aviation Academy courses.

Pilot training courses are crafted to make individuals learn how to pilot an aircraft. That is why students who have the ambition of becoming profitable pilots opt for a course in pilot training. The aviation industry has boomed considerably over the last few years, opening doors to various opportunities.

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