Private Pilot License (PPL) syllabus

Private Pilot License (PPL) syllabus is a non-commercial private pilot license course of 9 months duration. PPL license holders can fly non-commercial

Private Pilot License (PPL) syllabus aircraft as a hobby, fly aircraft for business purposes or fly their own aircraft too. After getting a Pilot License, students will have job opportunities in Pilot Training Centers, Aviation Industry, Flying clubs, and more pilot program that allows a person to do pilot duties on private aircraft. The course outline of this course is intended and structured by the Director-General of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India. The following subjects will give you an idea of the study:-

Fundamentals of Flight

Check to Ride Preparation

Soft/short field takeoff & Landings

Pilot age and Dead Reckoning

Traffic Patterns

Recovery from Unusual Flight attitude

Discovering Aviation

Radio Communications, Navigation, Systems/Facilities, and Radar Services

Aerodynamic principles of the power plant and Related Systems

Flight Operations

Emergency Procedures

The Flight Planning Process

Take-off and landings

How difficult is the Private Pilot License (PPL) Course in India?

The private Pilot License (PPL) course is based on flying aircraft. There are various subjects in the PPL program that cover air regulations, aviation meteorology, air navigation, and aircraft & its engines. The student must have to take studies seriously to make a brilliant future in aviation. Furthermore, if the applicant has the following skill, then this program can become easy for him/ her:-

Clear Communication

Situational Awareness

Team-Work Skills

Decisiveness & Quick Thinking Skills

The Ability to Remain Calm

Mentality — Confidence, Attitude & Self-Discipline

Leadership Quality

The above skill is an advantage of PPL study. There are various institutes, colleges, and universities in India that offer the best quality infrastructure, posts in the top organization, knowledgeable specialist lessons, and many more reimbursement and amenities. We One Aviation Academy is the best way to get admission to the top college of PPL in Pan India and up to 100% knowledge too.

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